Saturday, July 9, 2011

back from the beach

Hey everyone
I just got back from the beach, im not gonna lie, it wasn't that fun. Being with my awkward ass parents probably had something to do with it. Anyway, I was in diapers the whole time, but sadly, I never got the chance for a picture. I'm sure my small following, if any, won't mind. hahaha anyway, I decided to put some explicit videos of me messing and wetting on my blog. They have nudity and shit in them so they won't be on youtube, but hopefully they'll stay up on here! one question to more experienced DL's: Do they make a swim diaper for adults, I really needed one at the beach and I know that little swimmers DEFINATLEY wouldn't fit. Stay diapered!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


yeah, so anyone who's ever blogged knows the feeling of excitement that I have right now, that feeling that you can't stop blogging no matter what. Its probably going to get annoying to anyone who might be following me (all three of you) but I don't really care hahaha.

I'm going to the beach with my family tomorrow, but I will take my computer and try to find the time to post. Perhaps, just maybe, a pull up will find its way into my suitcase for a nice diaper picture ahaha.

Anyway, this morning, I made the messing video that I posted earlier and damn, it sure was messy. I got it all cleaned up, but I was wondering, how does one dispose of a dirty diaper. That is my question to you, dear followers; how do you dispose of dirty diapers when you don't live alone like me. I can't just toss it in the trash, then it will smell like shit hahaha. Any thoughts? Stay diapered my friends!

first vid ever

Hey ABDL's, this is my first diaper wetting/messing video ever! It was TONS of fun, and I can't wait to make another. Hopefully next time, I'll wet a little more. Anyway, this is me wetting and messing two depends and two goodnites. I filmed me changing myself and it was VERY messy, but I don't know if I can post that on here or not (its got a bit of nudity). Anyway, for now, enjoy!

Also, I'm now on youtube, here's the link. Feel free to comment:

One last thing: I reviewed the Goodnites and Depends last night but now in retrospect I don't think the video was that good. I'll probably do it over again, although I kind of want to post the bad video anyway. Give me a while to think about it.

First blog ever

Hello everyone! My name is Jeff (obviously not real) and I am a proud Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. I'm 17 years old and I have been a DL as long as I can remember. My sister was born when I was 4 and I remember stealing her diapers, although that stopped after I got caught by my mom. Anyway, my fetish went away and came back when I was about 12 or 13. I started doing ABDL stuff online and my sister was having bedwetting problems and had to wear diapers at night, so I would steal some of her diapers when I was home alone. I even would wear them in public occasionally, although I was very nervous! After my sister outgrew her bedwetting, I can remember going through diaper withdrawals and almost having to walk to a local pharmacy to buy pull ups (those were always my favorite), but I never did. After years and years of stealing diapers from friends with young siblings, grandparents, or wherever I could find them, I finally turned 16 and got my licence. Even though I've been able to drive for a while, I have never found the courage to actually buy diapers until recently, when I bought some goodnites and depends. Because of this, I have recently rediscovered how much fun diapers actually are! I have wetted and messed, and have even worn in public, and now I would like to share my diapered life with the ABDL community. I have made videos, and I plan to make more. Hopefully one day, I'll be as famous as RileyKilo or FlBabyGirls or any of the other famous ABDL's. Anyway, thats about it for now, I'll try to post my first video ever soon. Stay Diapered!